Alumalloy Fluxless Aluminium Welding Rods x 5


Alumalloy Fluxless Aluminium Welding Rods x 5

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Sample pack of 5 Alumaloy fluxless aluminium welding rods for use with just a propane torch. See our infosite for some videos and more information on this product: Like magic! Alumaloy will join aluminum parts, fix cracks, attach pieces, fabricate missing elements, and fix just about any metal repairs to aluminum, white metal or pot metal, zinc based metal and galvanized metal. It will give you a repair that that can be stronger than the original metal! ALL YOU NEED IS A PROPANE TORCH! Alumaloy produces the hardest, strongest and fastest repairs to aluminum-based metals anywhere. It’s so easy that anyone can do it. All you have to do is clean the surface properly. The easiest way to achieve this is through the use of a wire bristle brush. NO FLUX NEEDED! ALUMALOY is an easy to use, fluxless & arcless aluminium repair rod. Alumaloy repairs are often stronger than the aluminum that is being repaired. Alumaloy melts at close to 385 C whereas aluminum melts at near 660 C. Because aluminium has a high heat conductivity, it does not glow red even when near its melting point, making it extremely difficult without the aid of expensive and complex welding equipment. The benefit of Alumaloy is the 275 degree differential in melting temperature requirements. The aluminum piece to be repaired will not be damaged by the high temperatures normally required. Repairs can be made using lap joints, butt joints, mitered joints and used in just about anything made of aluminum, including windows, boats, doors frames, and aluminum blocks. Each rod is about 220mm long and you get 5 rods in this sample pack to enable you to evaluate this product or complete several small repairs. Larger quantities are also available. Instruction sheet included. GST Invoice supplied with all new products purchased

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