Emergency Stop Mushroom Pushbutton Switch


Emergency Stop Pushbutton Switch EStop

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Mounted for 7/8 inch(22.2mm) panel hole Max 600V 10A These are EStop switches with a large mushroom head suitable for use as a panic button on any machinery. Ideal for homebuilt CNC machines, woodworking machinery, machining systems etc. Get peace of mind and ensure the safety of yourself and any other operators. These are a latching type switch, after pressing the E Stop you then twist the cap to reset the switch. One contactor is normally open and the other is normally closed. So you can cut power to machinery while turning on an alert or telltale to show that the estop is off. The whole button mechanism is removable for easy panel mounting in a variety of panel thicknesses. Overall these are a high quality unit. See our other listings for micro limit switches and other machine automation equipment. GST Invoice supplied with all new products purchased.

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