125mm diamond foam polishing pad 500 grit


125mm Diamond Foam Pad 500 Grit

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Thick foam pads with diamond grit embedded. 500 Grit for fine finishing. These pads give an excellent finish and conform closely to the surface. May be used dry but will perform best when used wet. Velcro backed for quick attach/detach from your backer pad. Suitable for grinding and polishing jewelry, glass and rock, etc. The diamond grit is on the surface of the pad rather than impregnated in resin, this removes the friction that causes the resin burn problems associated with man made quartz worktops. These can be used wet at up to 3000 rpm or dry up to 2000 rpm. From feedback we’re finding that stonemasons are using traditional resin bonded pads at the lower grits from #50 through to #200 or #400 to get everything flat and smooth then changing to these pads to bring up the final shine. See our other listings for a wide range of diamond polishing pads, files, burrs and grinding wheels. GST Invoice supplied with all products purchased.

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