diamond coated jig saw blade 100mm


diamond coated jig saw blade 100mm

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diamond coated jig saw blades. Dry and Wet use (wet use recommended). Size : 102mm (4 inch) working length : 76mm (3 inch) blade wide : 70mm Grit 50 (coarse grit) T Shank fits many brand of jig saw likes AEG, Black & Decker (new), Bosch, DeWalt, ELU, Festo, GMC, Hitachi, Makita (new), Metabo …… Application : Fiberglass, Marble, Rock, Glass, Carbon, Plastics, Tiles, Ceramics, Graphite, Acrylics, Laminates, Kevlar, Fibre-cement, Polycarbonate …… Maintenance : Clean with hard nylon brush. Wash in solvent. Dry & Store.

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