Diamond polishing Pad 400 grit Dry 100mm dia.


Diamond Polishing Pad 400 grit Dry, 100mm dia.

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100mm 400 grit diamond polishing pads with velcro backing. Made for use dry in polishing granite, stone, concrete and other hard materials. These are a nice flexible and long wearing polishing pad, available in a range of grits. Top quality Dong Sing brand dry pads. Dry pads are not designed for high volume use. They are used where it is not acceptable to have water flowing. For most general polishing with diamond pads, wet pads will last significantly longer and work out much cheaper for the same area of polishing. These are polishing pads and are designed to be used at low speeds as per normal polishing. If you use them on a high speed angle grinder then they will melt into the surface. Please make sure you have the correct tools for the job before using these pads. Other grits available, see our other listings for single pads and sets. We also sell backer pads to fit M14 and 5/8-11 arbor studs. GST Invoice supplied with all new products purchased

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