Diamond polishing Pad 600 grit wet 100mm


Diamond Polishing Pad 600 grit Wet, 100mm

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100mm high quality diamond polishing pads with velcro backing. Made for use wet in polishing granite, stone concrete and other hard materials. Other grits available, see our other listings for single pads and sets. By polishing concrete with diamond polishing pads, a dense, abrasion-resistant surface is created. Polished concrete is also reflective and will appear to brighten the space. Additionally, polished concrete is less slippery than a normal floor, and a floor polished to 3000 grit is even less slippery that a sealed concrete floor. Flexible for long life over flat and convex /concave surfaces. Designed for hand grinders and floor machines. Polish granite, marble & natural stone. RPM rated 1200 to – 1800 GST Invoice supplied with all new products purchased

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